Why organic skincare? The benefits of using natural products

The skin is the largest organ in our body. On average we use around 10 different products during the day and the skin absorbs everything. Some of these products contain chemicals that can end up in our bloodstream and usually we do not think about that. Unknowingly, we might be exposing our selves to not so healthy products after all.

The health benefits of organic products are too many to describe, we will focus on just a few of them found in cosmetics.

1. Better for you. Organic products usually go through a very lengthy and complicated process to get certified, which means they are tested rigorously in a laboratory before they are released for sale. One way to find out that a product is synthetic is usually by the result. Synthetic products will give you pretty much instant result, but in the long run, they will most likely dry out the skin, cause irritation and increased sensitivity.

2. Overall better for your health. As we mentioned above, the skin is our largest organ and it will absorb almost everything we put on it. All synthetic products contain chemicals. The more synthetic products you use, the higher toxic concentrations can enter and accumulate in your body causing problems down the line.

3. Better for the environment. Organic skincare products begin with organic ingredients grown and produced using sustainable practices. For example, our organic hand sanitiser is produced with ingredients that are sourced locally and in an ethical manner with a very low impact on the environment. We have done extended testing to find the perfect  balance between effective alcohol volume and organic ingredients, to provide you with not only an effective antibacterial organic hand sanitiser, but also give you all of the health benefits our organic ingredients provide. When you choose organic skincare products you are not only doing wonders for your skin and internal health, but also making a positive impact on our environment.

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